“The person who loves God values knowledge of God more than anything created by God, and pursues such knowledge ardently and ceaselessly.”
+ St. Maximos the Confessor

How to Get Involved

Take Classes

We offer courses in Eastern Christian theology, which you can take whether you are just beginning to learn about Eastern Christianity, or you are working on your PhD. We welcome a broad range of students to join us in the journey of learning about God and faith.

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Attend an Event or Service

We believe that theology must be lived and not just studied. To this end, we offer a wide range of activities and services that are open to all, whether you are registered for academic courses with us or not. Get started:

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Support & Shop

The work of the Sheptytsky Institute would simply not be possible without the support and donations of its community. Along with direct donations, purchasing publications and subscribing to Logos are mutually beneficial, since we hope that these materials will help you in your journey of faith and discovery, while also allowing the Sheptytsky Institute to continue its work.

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Prayer and Liturgy

Prayer and liturgy are an integral part of the life of the Sheptytsky Institute. We have a full schedule of services including Matins, Vespers, Divine Liturgy, and special feasts. We also integrate multiple languages, to practice and experience the richness and diversity of Eastern Christianity.

Our Students and friends Say...

Taking courses at the Sheptytsky Institute was a life-changing experience. Not only did I learn about various aspects of Eastern Christianity, but I also gained a community of friends and colleagues, and fell in love with Byzantine-rite services.

Louise St. Germain, volunteer and former student

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