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  • An Iconic Journey

    One of the reasons I decided to go back to school was to have more time for my art. I don’t know what I was smoking when I thought that, because I haven’t had a nanosecond of free time since September. Right now the term is (thankfully) almost over and exams are about to start, […]

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  • Brave vs. Crazy

    To call the last couple of months “crazy” would be an understatement. I think, in fact, the adjective should be applied to me generally, rather than a small portion of a calendar. As I mentioned back in September, I resigned from my engineering job to go back to school full-time, and to afford to go […]

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  • Painting #1: Habemus Papam!

    Habemus Papam! On March 13, we got a new Pope as the whole world looked on. Pope Francis is now the latest Pope, and the first from the Americas. Yay! I am still working on the Theology of the Body painting #1, but could not resist inserting a Pope Francis layer into it – it […]

  • 30 Day Challenge
  • Redemption and Revitalization

    The other day I made an ATC titled “Redemption”, shown below. This particular card isn’t specifically a trader card, but is a thank you card (called a “hostie”) for someone who hosted a swap back in the Jan-Feb 2013 timeframe. Generally for a hostie, I will read through this person’s profile and pick a theme […]