This isn't a site about any one aspect of sustainability, because sustainability isn't a thing; it's the property of a whole system - one including people, the natural environment, technology, and all the factors that influence these.


The natural world has incredible adaptations and system balance. The future of innovation is not conquest of nature, but synergies with it, since we are inherently part of it.


As part of a system, we must find our rightful place in it, which requires a combination of humility, fascination, and courage.


Ultimately, we will become the best version of ourselves and our communities (local or global) if we approach the world from a position of openness and caring.

Sustainability is about the people. It has always been about the people. Whether it’s green buildings, corporate cultures, or providing the tools and environment necessary for people to thrive, sustainability is a many-faceted concept to explore.

Gone are the days of isolating cogs in the system and applying forces of domination. These are the days where we need to work together, for each other, with each other. And together, we can do great things.


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