Painting #1: Enlightened, Literally!

On the weekend, I had a great session with the painting, adding a layer of warm colours. To add to the mix, it was actually daytime, and actually sunny at the time! Here in Ottawa, we haven’t seen the sun in what seems to be about 2 weeks, so it was a welcome sight. I also rediscovered what I already knew, which is that I’m a solar-powered person. It makes all the difference in the world to my energy level when I can paint in the sunshine! Until yesterday, all my available painting time was after work, and after dark.

Also helping matters was finding this little trolley when I was out shopping on Friday. I was looking for a couple of simple lampshades. I didn’t find useful lampshades, but this trolley is better than lampshades. Previously, all my paints were lined up on my grandmother’s old and fancy coffee table, which I’d covered in paper and plastic and hoped for the best (see to the left of the chair and easel). Also, it’s kind of knee-height, which is a lot of bending over when I’m standing in front of the canvas. This is most of the time, unless I’m doing fine lettering like when I was writing out that passage from Matthew.

03-Mar-13 Painting 1

Now, I have this:

New trolley!
New trolley!

With this, and some free time on Saturday afternoon, here’s how it looked at the end of the weekend:

30DC - Day 9a _ smaller
Painting at end of Day 9

In the centre is a statement about the unity and indissolubility of marriage. In the top corner is “not ashamed” referring to the state of nakedness before original sin. I also made a few small pink flower shapes in the bottom left corner to symbolize the Garden of Eden.

I’ll write again soon about the layers that are going on top of this one. Exciting times ahead!

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