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The Sheptytsky Institute is offering the following graduate courses in 2018-2019. All Sheptytsky Institute courses require a previous Bachelor’s degree.

Courses Offered in Fall 2018

Introduction to Eastern Christian Worship [SMP1102HF]

General Introduction to the Eastern Churches [SMJ1610HF]

Byzantine Christian Sacraments [SMT2141HF]

Eastern Christian Encounters with Islam [SMH3630HF/SMH6630HF]

Courses Offered in Winter 2019

Foundations of Eastern Christian Theology [SMT1104HS]

The Three-Personed God: Eastern Christian Perspectives [SMT2215HS]

Twentieth Century Eastern Christian Sacramental Theology [SMT3641HS/SMT6641HS]

The Canonical Tradition of the Christian East [SMP3721HS]

For more information on registration for courses with the Toronto School of Theology (TST), including the courses listed above, please visit the TST Registration Information page. We look forward to seeing you in our classes!